This summer I came across some instructions for making a skirt, without a pattern, in twenty minutes! Why not give it a try, I thought. So I did. The first one turned out so well that I decided to make another.

The first skirt is made from a piece of fabric I bought at the Salvation Army for $2.99. The eyelet trim cost $1.20, the lavender ribbon was 52 cents and the elastic was 67 cents, for a grand total of $5.38.

Great for summer, and if I decide I don’t like the eyelet I’ll just cut it off and rehem the skirt.

The facbric for the second skirt was a bit pricier at $5.60. I paid another 67 cents for elastic and 68 cents for the fuschia grosgrain ribbon, for a total cost of $6.95.

Of the two, this is my favorite!

Want to try your hand at making a cheap skirt without a pattern in just twenty minutes? You’ll find all the instructions on this blog. Have fun, and be sure to share your results!

Until next time,

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