I’m in the process of redecorating the master bedroom, which needs pretty much everything, including a new light fixture. I’ve always wanted a chandelier so I’ve been shopping for a secondhand one. Look what I found, and for only $25!

Originally it was a ghastly shade of dark mottled turquoise but the previous owner painted it a nice fresh white. The bedroom walls will be painted light aqua and the ceiling light ivory, so I’m considering repainting the chandelier aqua as well, maybe a couple of shades darker than the walls.

I’ll post some more photos when it’s finished.

Until next time,


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What a great score, Lee! I love the idea of painting the chandelier aqua or turquoise – turns a light fixture into something fun that adds more than just a few lumens to a room.


Love your bargain shopping! It makes the treasures all the sweeter.


Rachel, I'm really happy with it now, but I think it'll look even better when it's painted. I've also decided to add little clip-on lampshades.

Gillian, I'm all about the bargains!

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