On the weekend I celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving with my family. One of the things I love most about family dinners is creating a tablescape, which is really just a fancy new term for setting the table but oh-so-much-more fun. This year I even made placecards! Aren’t they adorable?

And instead of traditional fall colors, which do not go with my china, I went with burgundy and white instead.

On the writing front, I am currently waiting to hear on two proposals. Crossed fingers always appreciated!

I am finally in the final stages of revamping my office. This has been a long and arduous process, but I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. The next phase will involve swapping out the shelving unit and replacing it with smaller bookcases. Yes, that will mean fewer books but since I’m putting a Kindle on my Christmas wish list, I’ll need less shelf space. I will also have room for an armchair and ottoman, which will create a nice cosy place to sit and write.

The Christmas SecretThis week I’m also working on book promotion. I have a gorgeous new bookmark and a recipe card for my November 1st release, The Christmas Secret. I’m packaging them up now and will be mailing them by the end of the week. Let me know if you’d like one and I’ll pop some in the mail to you.

Happy reading!

Until next time,

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