I have a traditional fireplace and mantel in my house—they’re the focal point of the living room and hands down my favorite things to decorate for the holidays. So of course I love Eddie Ross’s suggestions in this video, using budget-friendly items from Kmart.

Do you have a favorite decorating tip for the holidays? Please share!

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My decorating has gone as minimalist as the rest of my life.

I no longer head for the hedgerows of nearby farmland, where I used to clip hawthorn branches (love those red berries!) and wild roses (ditto!).
Extracting thorns from my fingertips really did a number on my festive mood, I'll tell you.

Now I head for the crawlspace and my handy-dandy reusable greenery garlands and strings of pretty coloured lights and I drape them over the mantel (mine's a regular-looking one but the fireplace is gas – another time-saver), the bookcases, and the curtain rods. Plug in the lights and voila! Instant holiday mood!

Once I add a nice glass of eggnog to my fist, I'm all set.

Happy decorating, Lee!


I use real and faux greenery, Rachel. The real stuff has to go where the cats can't get at it!

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