On Saturday I attended a wonderful workshop—”One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Writing Category and Single Title Romance”—presented by YA author Shelley Adina.

After the workshop Shelley told me about her chickens. Yes, you heard me…chickens. Ten real live, egg-laying hens. She also has a large collection of chicken bric-a-brac. Which reminded me of fellow Harlequin American Romance author, Marin Thomas, who collects roosters. The bric-a-brac variety. As far as I know, she doesn’t have a real one. To admire those roosters, go to Marin’s website and click on “Marin’s Attic.”

I’m also sending congratulations to Marin. Her November ‘08 Harlequin American Romance, The Cowboy and the Angel, is a finalist for a Greater Detroit Romance Writers of America’s Booksellers’ Best Award. WTG, Marin!

While I’m on the subject of great reads, do check out this month’s American Romances, on shelves today!

The Marine’s Babies
by Laura Marie Altom

Once a Hero
by Lisa Childs

The Man Most Likely
by Cindi Meyers

Her Very Own Family
by Trish Milburn

Happy reading!

Until next time,

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Thanks for the mention, Lee.


You’re very welcome, Trish. Happy relese day!


Lee–your post reminded me that I’m about due for a trip to the flea market to find another rooster :-)I realized my office is the only room in the house (aside from the kids’ bedrooms) that doesn’t have a rooster–must fix that!

And thanks for the congrats on the contest–The Cowboy and the Angel is one of my favorites.

A Cowboy’s Promise (April 09)
Samantha’s Cowboy (August 09)


Thanks, Lee! Chickens are affectionate and personable pets and I’d recommend them to anyone with the space to keep them. They have individual personalities and emotions, and are very loyal to their people 🙂



Chickens are great. Last week I visited a friend and her entire kitchen was ‘chicken and rooster’decor. Very fun.


Enjoy your trip to the flea market, Marin!

I have a paper mache rooster sitting on top of the fridge. Believe it not, he arrived as part of my cow collection because he has a white body with black spots 🙂

One of these days I’ll post a picture of him here on The Writer Side.


Shelley, I would LOVE to have a couple of chickens. I can imagine getting up in the morning, collecting a couple of fresh eggs, and whipping up an omelet for breakfast.


Jodie, you have me wondering how many people have chicken and rooster collections!

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