I’ve always wanted to decorate a theme tree but my family won’t hear of it. Instead we haul out several decades worth of family treasures, vintage bulbs and even the…ahem…kindergarten santa made from a toilet tissue tube.

To do a theme tree I would have to put up a second tree and I don’t have room, so I satify myself with admiring them in magazines, and on blogs like Eddie Ross.

Fun, festive and, best of all, budget friendly by using decorations found at Kmart.

How do you decorate your tree?

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The old decorations do always bring back so many memories (especially the hand made ornaments from elementary school)! Happy tree decorating!


Eddie! Jaithan! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! You can bet I'll enjoy every moment of the holiday, including the decorating, the food and best of all my family who'll share it with me. You've inspired me to venture out on my own with this year's tablescape. Can't wait to show it off!

Hugs and happy Christmas to you both!


Great post!

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