Just in time for the holidays, Eddie Ross has posted three fantastic videos on YouTube with tips for decorating your home on a budget.

Here he has some great suggestions for sprucing up our entryways with greenery and afforable decorations from Sears.

Tomorrow and Tuesday I’ll be posting two more of Eddie’s videos, so be sure to drop by for more holiday inspiration!

Until next time,

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I think they should abolish Christmas. It interferes with my writing.

And querying? Well, forget that during Christmas, because most agents don't respond. Neither do publishers.

I mean, what's wrong with society? Doesn't it have its priorities right? Shouldn't society be structured around writers and our needs?

Let's start a revolution. Revolutions are fun, more fun than Christmas. And think of all the turkeys we'd save (hams, i.e., pigs, too), plus our waistlines. We'd be a healthier society.

Of course, we'd have to abolish New Year's celebrations, too. Families are torn apart by over-indulgence in alcohol, not to mention that agents and publishers are too distracted by all the events, and writers are left out, yet again.

Sigh, she says, as she decorates her mantel, hangs a wreath on the front door, and scurries out the door to buy pretty things for her puppies.

Merry Christmas, Lee. All the best to you and yours during this holiday season.



Well, lol, Sheryl, aren't you a ray of sunshine 😉

I adore the food and festivities, and I'm one of the lucky ones for whom family is brought together for the holidays.

Yesterday was a perfect west coast winter day, and my husband and I made our annual trek to the woods to cut holly and other greenery.

Hands down my favorite time of year!

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