This is turning into Noodler week here at The Writer Side of Life, and what fun it is to announce that Mary Fechter (w/a MJ Fredrick) has made her first sale to The Wild Rose Press.

Her working title is Where There’s Smoke—if that changes, we’ll be sure to let you know! I am over-the-moon excited for her and can’t wait to read this book. The Wild Rose Press does awesome covers. Be sure to check out their website and you’ll see what I mean.

Mary is a four-time Golden Heart finalist, and she has also finalled in the Emily and the Maggies. She’s an awesome writer and this sale has been a long time in the making.

Congratulations, Mary!

Back tomorrow with more TV blogging.


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Where there’s smoke – I love the title!
Congrats, Mary, and may there be many more sales and great titles coming up!

Lee, I love how you keep us posted about all these exciting events in the writing world (not to mention the TV world!).

With the Golden Heart deadline coming up in a month, I hope these snippets of news inspire people to think seriously about entering. It worked for me!


Congratulations, Mary! You must be over the moon!

I agree with Rachel. I appreciate how Lee takes time from her busy schedule to let us all know what’s up.



Thanks so much, Lee, Rachel and Sheryll!!!!

Good news – I get to keep the title!!! YAY!


Mary, how wonderful that you get to keep WHERE THERE’S SMOKE. It’s such a great title!

Rachel, I’m glad to hear you’re inspired by Mary’s success. Good luck with your GH entry!

Sheryll, these kinds of announcements are the best kind of fun. Honestly, I hope I never let myself get too busy to celebrate my friends’ accomplishments.


Congratulations again, Mary! I’m so excited for you. Great title!

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