I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Academy Awards on Sunday, even though my top picks didn’t win. I was pleased that slightly offbeat newcomer Diablo Cody won for Best Screenplay for Juno.

And although I already liked Katherine Heigl and Anne Hathaway, I’m now completely infatuated with both of them. They’re talented and quite possibly the two most gorgeous people on the planet. Both looked absolutely stunning on Oscar night, but I also get the sense that both are grounded and genuinely nice people. And anyone who disses Katherine Heigl for looking like Marilyn Monroe is simply jealous 🙂

Speaking of Katherine Heigl, I recently read that the Grey’s Anatomy set has banned plastic bottles. Instead, every member of the cast and crew uses a refillable thermos. Not just eco-friendly, but probably healthier too.

And on the subjects of grounded people and going green, Newman’s Own, the food company started by Paul Newman, is launching Newman’s Own Wines next month. In partnership with Rebel Wine Co., they’ll be selling two organic California wines—a Chardonnay and a Cabernet Sauvignon. According to the company’s website, “Paul Newman has given over $200 million to thousands of charities worldwide since 1982.” Very impressive.


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Juno is definitely on my to-watch list.

I didn’t see the whole Oscar show but I’m always glad to see less-than-mainstream actors, writers, directors, and movies do well.
I usually like to keep half an eye on the indie movie awards that usually happen just before the Oscars – have you heard any buzz about that this year?



Those are the Spirit Awards. Yes, Juno won best picture and the star, Ellen Page, won best actress. This one’s definitely a must-see for me.

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