Hi, everyone. Max here. So did you read With This Ring? Didya? Huh? Huh? Didya? Okay, sorry, but I’m still kind of excited. This is the first time anyone’s ever written a book about yours truly. Now do you see what I mean? I do have a way with the ladies.

And Leslie, she’s definitely a lady. Nothing against the other women Brent’s had over, but there’s something different about her. In a good way. I mean, she fed me even though it wasn’t dinnertime. And she smells good. Expensive good, if you know what I mean, and clean.

The only other woman who’s spent the night in our spare room was Brent’s mother. She stayed one night last winter when her furnace broke down. She’s nice enough—even brought me a big old ham bone. She doesn’t smell like Leslie though. She smells clean, too, but like laundry detergent. Leslie smells more like the park after it rains, but even nicer.

And Brent ended up doing a lot of work while Leslie was here, don’t you think? Not that I’m saying she’s high maintenance. No way. If anybody can take of herself, she sure can. But the plumbing was another matter. What was up with that?

Right now it’s time for a dog to take a nap. I’ll be back next Thursday, and I’ll have a confession to make about a certain pair of shoes.



Lee’s note: remember that Max and I are running a contest this week, and the prize is a DVD of The Shaggy Dog. Every time you post a comment, you’re eligible to win. The winner will be announced on Tuesday.

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I read it! I read it! And it was awesome. And my daughter Erin loved it too. Max definitely is an unforgettable character. Congratulations, Lee.



Thanks, Sheryll and Erin! Max says thanks, too, and send big sloppy doggie kisses 🙂


I agree with Sheryll! I loved Max (and the rest of the book.) It made me think of a dog I knew who always managed to eat his owner’s most expensive pair of shoes – Zeke had good taste, like Max 🙂


I adore Max!
“She smells good. Expensive good…” LOL

Now I *really* can’t wait to get my hands on With This Ring!

I believe Max needs his own book. What do you think?


Merilee, thanks for letting me know you loved With This Ring. I’ve known several dogs who’ve had a “thing” for shoes, much to their owners’ dismay!


LOL, Rachel! As far as Max is concerned, he already has his own book. He loves kids, though, so being the main character in a children’s book would probably work for him!

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