Hi everyone,

What a thrill it is to announce that my dear friend and fellow Noodler, Trish Milburn, is a finalist in the American Title IV Contest!

For those who may not be familiar with the contest, it’s like American Idol for writers. Ten finalists have been chosen, and every month an excerpt from their manuscripts will be posted on the Romantic Times website. Three judges post their comments, and then we get to vote for our favorite. Only one vote per person, though, so each vote is very important!

Many of you know Trish in her role as Pro Liaison on the RWA board of directors. Trish is also a journalist, a voracious reader and a prolific writer. I met her in 2003 when we became Golden Heart finalists and members of the sisterhood of writers that is the Wet Noodle Posse.

This year’s contestants in the American Title Contest are paranormal, futuristic, time-travel and fantasy manuscripts, and Trish’s promises to be a great read! Here’s a mini synopsis for Out of Sight:

Imagine what you could find out if you could make yourself invisible at will. Jenna McCay finds out when she’s coerced by a secret government agency to go “undercover” at the White House to identify a potential presidential assassin sending threats from within 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Along the way, she hopes to garner information about her father, a Special Forces officer who went missing when she was a teenager, and about why she has the ability to make herself disappear.

I’ll bet you already want to read more. I sure do! The opening lines of the ten finalists were posted on RT’s site today and voting for this round is now underway. It ends on October 28, and voting couldn’t be easier. In fact it’s so easy, I’ve already voted! I simply sent a blank email to votes@romantictimes.com with Trish’s title OUT OF SIGHT in the subject header. See what I mean? EASY!

After each round of voting, the two contestants with the lowest number of votes will be eliminated, and the winning entry will be published by Dorchester Publishing. That’s right. A publishing contract!

On November 12, be sure to can check back for results, and to vote for best hero and heroine.

Good luck, Trish!

Back tomorrow,

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