This weekend my daughter and I rented Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 on DVD and throughly enjoyed it. A nice, light, feel-good movie about friendship and how friends deal with change and separation as they grow up. The one-size-fits-all blue jeans adds a fresh new twist to a universal coming-of-age theme.

We saw the first Traveling Pants film in a theater when it was released back in 2005, and weloved it. After we watched the second film, we wished we’d also rented the first and watched the two together.

The film kind of reminds me of my own “sisterhood.” It’s been several decades since we graduated from high school, and at various times since then we’ve been scattered across two continents, each busy with our own lives and families. Every time we get together—which never seems to happen often enough—we pick right up where we left off. The only thing missing is the traveling pants.

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