This episode aired in Canada last night but not in the US till tonight. Hence, no spoilers.

In “Victor, Victrola,” S & B both learn that an intimate relationship with someone you care about is a lot more complicated than with someone you don’t. The father/son interaction between Dan, Nate and Chuck and their respective fathers is great. It’s interesting how many different ways a father can deliver a “lecture” on responsibility, and that theme was woven into tonight’s story with skill and subtlety.

I’m enjoying everything about this show—writing, acting, music, photography, which tonight was particularly good and tied in beautifully with the title of the episode, and especially Kristin Bell’s voiceover as Gossip Girl.

I think I’ve already mentioned that I didn’t expect to like Gossip Girl. Now it’s one of my favorite shows this season. I love being pleasantly surprised by the unexpected!

Back soon,

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