Earlier this afternoon I arrived home from San Francisco, which explains (I hope) why Tuesday News is late. It is still Tuesday, though. At least it is in my time zone.

The conference was everything I’d hoped it would be, and much more. There were so many highlights, I’ve decided to blog about them throughout the month of August. Once I have myself and my thoughts organized, I’ll let you know when to look for those posts.

I know you won’t want to miss this month’s author interviews on the Harlequin American Romance Authors blog. Here’s who you can look forward to meeting:

Lisa Childs—August 6 (tomorrow!)

Ann Roth
—August 19

And last but not least, I have updated yesterday’s post (scroll down) about this week’s line-up at the Wet Noodle Posse. Check it out. Be inspired.

Until next time,


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