A reader recently posted this lovely 5-heart review on the Harlequin website and I just had to share!

Hooked me with the Whiskey Sour as the name of Jess’ Bar. Then the Vespa. And of course Ben and Poppy. Jess is a strong woman fumbling managing her grandfather’s run down old bar in an up and coming area of the city. Michael Morgan wants to buy it and will apply whatever pressure it takes including tactics which will stall her loan application. That is until her gets to know her. She’s not like the women he usually dates (Jess is no fashion plate) but he admires her. He takes her home for Thanksgiving and Ben adores her. As does his mother. And just when Jess is finally learning to trust him… Wham… she learns he is behind the whole scheme holding up her bank loan. Serious trouble to be resolved before they can find a HEA. I loved it.

Thank you, Linda S! You made my day!

Until next time,

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Wow, Lee, Great Review! Congrats and very deserving 🙂


Yes, Marin, American Romance readers are the greatest!


What a fantastic review for a wonderful story, Lee!


Thanks, Rachel!

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