Last month I caught reruns of the first two episodes of Castle and got all excited, thinking I’d have something new (to me) and wonderful to watch this spring. But after those first two episodes, it disappeared. I figured I’d have to wait for the DVD release on September 22. Sigh. Those in charge of television programming are clearly not targeting me.

Just this morning, though, I discovered that this Saturday, June 20 at 9:00 pm, Castle will be back for the summer! They’re starting at the beginning with the first two episodes I’ve already seen, which is fine with me because I loved them that much!

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That's great news, Lee! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE castle and even though I've seen all the episodes, I'm thrilled to see them again.


Another Castle fan! Thanks for dropping by MaryC.

I've heard nothing but raves about this show, and from the little I've seen so far, there's plenty to rave about. Great writing, wonderful acting, and plenty of humor mixed in. My kind of show!


I was delighted to watch Castle on Friday – the first episode was so good.

Then I checked the listings for Saturday and noticed it was the first episode – again! LOL.

I'd sure love to see Episode Two! (Hint, hint. Fox, you listening?)


According to the TV listings for this coming weekend, it's on again. On ABC, not Fox, but it's on. And Episode two has a great tag line.

Nanny McDead: The body of a nanny is found inside the dryer of a laundry room in an upscale apartment building where she worked; Castle tries to get inside Beckett's head while writing the first novel in his Nikki Heat series.

I love that she's the main character in his next series!

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