This month the Harlequin American Romance Authors are adding several fresh new features to the blog. In addition to authors’ regular blog days, we’ll also post:

  • Favorite Family Recipes on the 5th
  • Author News on the 6th and 25th
  • Household Cleaning Tips on the 11th
  • Writing Advice on the 22nd
  • Craft Ideas on the 30th

Each author still has her own blog day, and this month several of them will discuss one of our most-loved topics—heroes and their occupations. Yes, we’re talking handyman, police officer, cowboy…

What’s your favorite?

On the personal front, I’m so glad the weather has decided to synchronize itself with the calendar. It finally feels like spring, and I’ve started to do some container gardening on the patio. So far I have a “kitchen garden” that consists of a big pot filled with parsley (regular and Italian), rosemary, thyme and cilantro. At the end of the summer, I’ll move the rosemary into its own pot. I also have seeds for two varieties of dwarf sunflowers to go into pots. The next project will be the hanging baskets.

Until next time,

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