You might remember me mentioning a few days ago that my husband said he’d paint the bathroom as part of my Christmas present. Happy to report that the painting is almost complete and the bathroom looks fantastic!

Our old towels are now far too shabby, so I’ve decided we need a new set—two bath sheets, four bath towels, four hand towels, four face cloths and two bath mats in two contrasting but nicely coordinated colors. This afternoon I set off to a department store, gift card from a generous relative in hand, to buy some.

Oh. My. Gosh. You should have seen the place!

Everything was on sale and the towel department had been ransacked. Towels were strewn on the floor, piled on every available surface, and unfolded, bunched up and stuffed back onto shelves where they didn’t belong. I wish I’d taken my camera because this had to be seen to be believed.

Finding what I wanted was difficult. Finding a sales clerk was impossible.

And when did a face cloth for $9.99 become a bargain? Apparently when it’s marked down from $19.99. For one square foot of fabric. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the price tag on the bath towels. Egyptian cotton, mind you, but still.

I did finally choose two colors I like but the styles were different, and I couldn’t find a complete set in either color. After half an hour, I gave up. Tomorrow I’ll try another store if I have the energy, although I’d really hoped to use that gift card. Or I might wait till the sale is over and the towel department has been restocked. Which means I’ll have to pay full price, so Egyptian cotton will really be out of the question.

Until next time,

PS: I’ll post photos when the bathroom is done.

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Lee, LOL. I wish you had had your camera with you. I’ve been through this. I can guess which department store too. I’ve even gone so far as to sort towels on tables–chaos brings out my obsessive compulsive instincts. After an hour of such ‘shopping’ I am perspiring and crazy and sometimes lucid enough to realize the danger signs and immediately abort the mission.
Good luck with your quest! Why don’t they show this kind of scenario on the TV decorating shows?


Thanks for the chuckle, Marion!

I was not tempted to sort and fold towels. Apparently neither were the sales staff 😉

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