This time next week I’ll be finished revisions. Yay! I’ll still be busy, though, because my post-revision to-do list gets longer every day. At the top of that list…get outside and spring-clean my patio and planters.

Speaking of spring, I’m once again checking in on my favorite bald eagle cams. The Hornby Island (British Columbia) eagles are sitting on two eggs, with the first hatch expected in about two and a half weeks.

On the Decora (Iowa) eagle nest, all three eggs hatched (April 2nd, 3rd and 6th) and the triplets are keeping their parents busy. Yesterday I snagged this screen cap of Mom feeding her babies. The youngest of the brood is between and slightly behind its older siblings, with its wings spread across their backs. Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter tush?

And still on the subject of spring, I just had to share this YouTube video of a backyard goat stampede. Wouldn’t you love to have this much spring in your step?

My daughter is still gallivanting around Europe and recently shared this photo of Gaudi’s Casa Batlló in Barcelona.

I’ve always loved Art Nouveau, but this is so much more…wow.

I’ll be back next week and ready to celebrate the book being done. Meanwhile you’ll want to catch Chapter Six of Marin Thomas’s free online story, The Bull Rider’s Surrender. Happy reading!

Until next time,

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