My daughter has a part-time job as a bank teller but she’s also a full-time university student so needless to say, she’s on a tight budget. Back in October I showed you how we transformed two old kitchen chairs from shabby to chic.

A month ago she moved her refurbished chairs into a new apartment and needed a table to go with them. She checked out several secondhand stores, but everything she found was too pricey or too dilapidated, or both. So she went online and found a used unfinished pine IKEA table for $20.

My husband used a belt sander to sand a few grease stains from the top. Then we applied a couple of coats of shiny black paint, and voila! A great little dining set for the grand sum of $40!

Don’t you love DIY? You get something uniquely personal and at a fraction of what you’d pay for something brand new and generic.

Until next time,

PS: To jazz up the table, she’s using four La Rochere demi tasse cups and saucers as tealight holders, and a La Rochere carafe/decanter as a vase. All purchased secondhand at a fraction of their original cost. Isn’t that a great idea?

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