How’s that for a headline?

I could come up with a long list of reasons and excuses for why it’s a disaster, but why bother? I’ve heard them all before. You’ve heard them all before. Maybe you even have a list of your own reasons and excuses for why things are the way they are.

Here’s the strange thing. The rest of my house is pretty well organized and clutter free, but my office has become a dumping ground.

A dumping ground for what, you ask?

Books, paper, shopping bags that might be handy some day, mementos, gadgets that used to work but no longer do, family photos, more books, more paper, knick knacks…

Wait a minute. Did I say knick-knacks?

I don’t even like knick-knacks. I don’t have knick-knacks anywhere else in my home, so how did all these pesky things find their way into my office?

And then there are the organizers. Those handy in and out trays, file boxes, plastic boxes that hold hanging files, etc., that are supposed to help me get organized. I have at least thirty-six of these things, and half of them are empty.

This chaos wastes my time and interferes with my creativity, and I’ve decided it’s time to take action. I might even call one of those home organizers to come in and help. I have taken some photos of this mess, but I’m too embarrassed to post them right now. I’ll hang onto them until I can do some before-and-after shots. Wish me luck!

Until next time,

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