Last Friday’s episode was so much fun!

Poor Annie. Trying to arrange a wedding and everything is going wrong. She’s lost an eyebrow, the cat ran away, the minister quit, the Chieftan is shut down, and the roof of the inn has caved in. And then there’s every bride’s dream – three wacky, meddling mothers in T-shirts.

Yet in spite of MoMai’s prediction, we all know Annie and Patrick are meant for each other and the wedding simply has to go ahead.

After all, the cat has already come back, Cash is back (surely that’s a good sign) and I read somewhere that in the next episode Jane is flying in from NYC for the wedding. Surely we’ll see some Jane and Plow Guy action. Did I mention Cash is back?

I couldn’t believe the ending. Poor Marin and Domino Dan. Can they save themselves? Or will they be rescued by Jack? Or Cash? Or both? Both would work 🙂

Looking forward to this Friday and to what I understand would have been the season one finale. It sounds as though they have already taped quite a few new episodes, too, so while some shows are already on hiatus or soon will be, we still have lots of Men in Trees to cosy up with on wintery Friday nights.


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