I was beginning to wonder if summer would ever arrive here in the Pacific Northwest, and finally it has. Two warm sunny days, back to back. Hurray!

On Saturday my critique partner, Rachel Goldsworthy and I presented our blogging workshop to an enthusiastic audience of romance writers in Vancouver, BC. It was a fun day, and on the way home I found the coolest T-shirt to wear at my summer booksignings. It’s turquoise and has a print of a VW hippie van on it – a lot like the one on my bookmark.

I’ll post a photo of the T-shirt soon, possibly with me in it.

This week I have made great strides on clearing out my office. And yes, I know what you’re thinking.

Wasn’t she talking about this last year?

Yes, I was. My excuse? I’ve been busy! Now that I’m making progress, I’m also back to daydreaming about furniture, and this just might be the most beautiful chair I’ve ever seen.

It’s a Harlequin wingback chair from a company called MacKenzie-Childs. Could there be a more perfect chair for the office of a Harlequin author named McKenzie? I think not.

Alas, I’m afraid it’s out of my budget. But a girl can daydream, right?

Until next time,

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