If you were at the mall and encountered a group of firefighters signing calendars, what would you do?

I stopped to buy a couple of calendars and have the guys autograph them.

Then, if you were a romance author who had a blog, what would you do?

After having the calendars signed, I decided to take a couple of photographs to post here on The Writer Side.

So I got my husband to hold my bag of calendars, found a good vantage point for taking photos, and before I could snap even one picture…they took off their shirts.


Well, I’m sure you would have done the same thing I did.

I snapped these.

The last one’s a little out of focus. I guess my hands were getting shaky.

My husband was having a good laugh by the time I rejoined him, and I was congratulating myself for having such impeccable timing.

The calendar is great, by the way…you can take a sneak peek here…and all proceeds go to charity.

So…to celebrate the July 2010 release of my next Harlequin American Romance—Firefighter Daddy—I’ll be running a contest throughout December here on The Writer Side of Life. Contest details will be posted here on December 5 and the lucky winner will be announced on December 31.

What would you do for a chance to win an autographed 2010 firefighter calendar?

I hope you’ll enter my contest!

Until next time,

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Lee, what great luck for you, with your Firefighter Daddy book coming soon!! You must be living right. lol A friend in her late 70s gets a calendar every year; I may have to enter the contest…uh, for her of course. BTW, your dh sounds very tolerant. lol


Megan, I'm sure your friend would be thrilled to have you win the calendar for her. If you could bring yourself to part with it 😉

And yes, my long-suffering husband has learned to expect the unexpected!


Nice pics, Lee!
A tough day in the life of a writer-eh?

A Cowboy Christmas (Dec 09)


LOL, Marin! So true but as they say, someone has to do it!


I was with her when one of the hunks signed her calendar and I want to attest to her comment about shaking hands…. but she forgot to mention her eyes were crossed ….or was that me??? Not sure cause I couldn't see all that well!
Dec 1st you say? The date is now burned into my memory banks – and onto my computer calendar. I trust that a whole lot more.


Yes, Mimi, when we first met the firefighters at the Women's Show back in October, I'm pretty sure it was your eyes that were crossed 😉

And please do drop by on December 1st for the launch of my contest! I look forward to it!

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