I am the world’s worst packer. Seriously. As we speak, I am already unpacking, and I haven’t even gone anywhere.


In a few days I’m heading to San Francisco for the Romance Writers of America’s annual conference. It’s an important conference, so I need to get this right.

Business/dressy for daytime. A couple of cocktail dresses for dinners out. Oh, fine. I’ll have a cocktail, too. Two glam gowns for special evening events.

Dressy shoes. Comfy walking shoes.

A jacket in case it gets cool. A couple of lightweight sleeveless things in case it gets hot. Speaking of weather, maybe I should toss in an umbrella.

My biggest problem isn’t the weather, though. It’s making decisions. How do I know what I’ll want to wear on Thursday? It’s Sunday. I haven’t even figured out what I’m going to wear today.

Yes, that’s right. I’m still in my PJs. I’m worried that if I get dressed, I’ll decide that what I’m wearing has to go in the suitcase, and then where will I be? Packing in my skivvies, that’s where. So PJs it is until I get this figured out.

My next biggest problem is that I’m a compulsive overpacker.

This isn’t my luggage, but it could be.

If I take one pair of neutral-colored pants, I can wear them several times by mixing and matching tops and jackets. Makes total sense, and cuts down on the number of things that have to go in the suitcase. But what if I spill something on them? There’s a very good chance of that happening—but please don’t let it be my cocktail. So in goes a second pair of pants. Maybe a third. Just in case.

This keeps up until I’ve exceeded the suitcase’s maximum capacity. Then, after struggling to get it zipped, I realize I’ve forgotten one thing. Extra space. I need room to bring home some souvenirs, and all the free books handed out at the conference.

So I’m already unpacking, even though I’m still at home, but I really do need that extra space. One thing’s for sure. The umbrella is definitely not going with me. If it rains, I can always buy one when I get there.

Until next time,
Lee (aka World’s Worst Packer)

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Loved the photo, Lee!

I used to be one of the world’s lightest packers. Comes from all the bike trips I’ve done – because I’m also the world’s laziest cyclist!

On one trip to Britain, I took a pair of sweat pants and two pairs of shorts and spilled pop on the sweats on the plane going over. And you know there’s no way I was ever going to get all that sugar and dye out in the little plane sink.

So I pack a little more than I used to – at the very least, I take an extra pair of pants for the plane.



One thing’s for sure. We can safely rule out the possibility of me ever going on a cycling trip 🙂


I’m taking a carry-on size suitcase and not putting much in it and then packing all my stuff in the suitcase for the way to SF. Then for when I come back I’m transferring a lot of clothes to the carry-on so that I have that extra room for the giveaways in the big suitcase that I’ll check. I think it’ll work well!


Lee, how funny! 🙂 I did that last year–tried to imagine every scenario and packed accordingly. The first time I was complimented on my shoes made it worth dragging that huge suitcase through the airport. 🙂

I spent time in the hotel office and shipped all my books back.

Have fun, and post some pictures when you get back if you can!


I forgot to mention–Shout wipes. They come in little packages, small enough for your purse or pocket.

I may be unnaturally messy, especially when nervous, but they do come in handy!


Stephanie J, you are so practical! Obviously I needed a sensible plan like yours.


LOL, Gillian! My daughter has already checked to make sure I packed my Tide stain-remover pen!

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