My daughter and I dropped into our favorite book store a few days ago. She was looking for a travel journal and I needed a new purse-sized notebook. Pricey little items.

And have you noticed that journals and notebooks filled with blank pages cost more than a lot of books filled pages of words? Words, I might add, that someone spent hours and hours stringing together to create a story.

This is the notebook I bought. Isn’t it fun? It’s also reversible! I can use the “All Work” side to jot notes about writing and research. Then I can flip it over to the “All Play” side and write reminders about things like my friends’ book and movie recommendations. I also like it because the girls are a lot like the ones on my website.

Not the greatest photos, but I’m not the greatest photographer and I don’t have time to retake them. I probably shouldn’t have spent time taking these!

Before I sign off, here’s a reminder that it’s conference wrap-up week with the Wet Noodle Posse. Here is what’s being planned:

Monday: Not going to the conference this year? Maureen Hardegree will help you cope.

Tuesday: MJ Fredrick leads a discussion about this year’s Rita books.

Wednesday: Join MJ again today as she gives a virtual tour of San Francisco!

Thursday: Making History—Delle Jacobs reports on the Beau Monde and Hearts Through History
chapter events at the conference.

Friday: Noodlers’ August Book Releases and Q&A Day

Many Noodlers, including yours truly, will be attending RWA’s National Conference in San Francisco. If you’re attending the Literacy Autographing on Wednesday (5:30 to 7:30 pm) at the San Francisco Marriott, be sure to introduce yourself.

Happy reading, happy writing.

Until next time,

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