I visit a handful of blogs every day, and The Daily Coyote is one of them. It’s hosted by Shreve Stockton, a woman who lives in a one-room cabin in Wyoming with a cat, a dog, and a coyote.

She rescued Charlie, the coyote, when he was ten days old and has since parlayed her experience with him into a book that’ll be published this fall by Simon and Schuster.

Don’t you just love success stories like this? I sure do.

I’ve never met Shreve but I thoroughly enjoy her photographs and the tidbits of information she posts about life with Charlie and life on a ranch in Wyoming. She often mentions her neighbor, MC, but has never really said much about him.

Until yesterday.

Now, for the first time since I’ve been following Shreve’s blog, I’m cooking up the plot for a romance novel.

Sorry. Can’t help myself.

I know nothing about these people, other than what’s posted on the blog, but I could easily concoct story about a kick-butt city gal and a shy cowboy who’ve been introduced by the world’s least likely matchmaker—an orphaned coyote.

Poor MC. Still anonymous and yet the object of so many affections. Every cowboy’s worst nightmare, every romance reader’s fondest fantasy.

Thanks, Shreve, for feeding the fantasy.

Until next time,

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