Last week I saw a fabulous pair of rain boots in a shop window. I didn’t dare go inside for a closer look because I knew I would be tempted to buy them. Besides, summer is almost here and no matter how much I want rain boots, I really don’t need them. Not even fun, gorgeous boots that make me smile every time I look at them. Which is often.

I couldn’t stop thinking about the boots, though, so several days later I went back to the shop. They had a pair in my size so I tried them on.

What can I say? Me and these boots? Meant to be.

See what I mean? What’s not to love about red rubber cowboy boots?

They’re from a California company called dav that sells “high fashion for wet days.” Fabulous boots, waterproof handbags, umbrellas, and accessories. Stunning stuff.

Especially these.

The store where I bought my red ones didn’t have the peacock boots, and it’s just as well. I might have been tempted to buy them instead. Or both.

But I’m better off with the red boots. Much more sedate, don’t you think?

Now you’re probably wondering what this has to with America’s Next Top Model. Well, yesterday I met two writer friends for one of our three-hour lunch rituals, and we went to a restaurant that’s right across the street from the shop where I bought the boots. And I had the boots on because it turns out that, to wear them, it doesn’t actually have to be raining.

After lunch, my friends thought they should take a picture of me in the boots. Next thing I knew, we were in the shop and had permission to take a picture of me in their window! Here I am in what is almost sure to be my first and last photo shoot.

Here’s the funny part. People walking by stopped to watch, and many decided to come into the store. A few even asked me and my friends for help finding sizes! Did they think it was a real fashion shoot? Hm. Maybe I could be America’s Next Top Model.

Or not.

I’ll settle for a red handbag and umbrella to match.

Until next time,

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