Happy Boxing Day! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas!

One of my favorite things this holiday was this funky old sewing I gave to my daughter, who wants to learn how to sew.

Have you ever seen a turquoise sewing machine?

I haven’t, and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

It’s a Kenmore Model C877-68, sold by Sears, possibly in the 1960s? This machine was hardly ever used but was very well maintained, so it’s in excellent condition, and it came with the original manuals and attachments.

I thought an apron would be a good beginner sewing project, so I also gave her this pattern. Very cool that Simplicity is reissuing some of their vintage designs.

Now I’m looking foward to some fun mother/daughter time.

Happy holidays! Until next time,

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Hi, Lee! Happy Holidays! I have one of those turquoise sewing machines! It's a Sears Kenmore : ) A friend of mine bought it at a yard sale and paid to have it reconditioned. She never used it, and she sold it to me for $25. It has been a wonderful machine, but unfortunately the manuals were not included. You are so lucky to have the books! Ah, those Simplicity patterns! I spent hours and hours as a girl looking through pattern books. I used to sew quite a bit, not just for myself but to make clothes and craft items to sell. I still love to work with fabric : )


Virginia! What a cool coincidence! Yes, it's a Kenmore Model C877-68. We searched online, trying to find out when that model was being sold but haven't had any luck. I'm guessing early '60s, but I'm not sure.

I paid a few dollars more than $25, but not too many more, so was very lucky that it's in perfect working order and came complete with manual and all attachments.

I had your mailing address because you won my November blog contest, but I didn't keep it 🙁
Feel free to send it privately and when I get a chance, I'll photocopy the manual and send it to you.


Hi Lee,
It looks fabulous ! No wonder you fell in love with it, its like me with the pink and turquoise period of Xmas decorations! The re-issue of the apron pattern is interesting! Hope some of the other patterns find a home too! Karen


I think this might be the very model my mom had – late 60s probably. I learned to use it in the very early 70s, for sure.

My muscle memory kicked in as soon as I saw this. I can feel that cool black rim against my palm as I start the wheel turning, and my thumb pressing that button for Reverse… Thanks for the trip down Nostalgia Ave, Lee!


The patterns are fabulous, Karen. Everything old is new again!


Rachel, that cool black rim is actually a nice shiny chrome! The machine is very heavy, so I suspect that at least part of it is made from cast iron.


I recently bought a machine like yours. It is a wonderful machine and works well but I too do not have the manual for it!! It is funny how many people including Sears tell me that the model number C877.68 does not exhist! Hope you have better luck with any inquiry you might make about your machine.


The Kenmores with the C877 model numbers (I have a C877 myself) are not part of the regular Sears USA product line and were sold only in Canada, where Sears was partnered with the Canadian retailer Simpsons. This series of Japanese-made machines were badged "Kenmore" but were marketed only through Simpsons-Sears. That's why Sears USA has no record of them. Simpsons-Sears has not existed for more than 30 years.

Not much is known about them except that they were made during the 60s, and that they are well-built and reliable. Mine is a high-shank model but I"m not sure the others are.


I have this exact machine. By any chance do you still have the manual, would you consider making a digital copy for those of us who own these machines without a manual. Thanks, Nancy

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