It’s been ages since I blogged about what I’m watching on TV these days. So evern though this season’s shows are wrapping up, here are two I’m tuned into.

Several great laugh-out-loud moments in this week’s episode, “The Vegas Renormalization.” I must have missed something, though, because I did not know Howard had hooked up with Leonard’s ex, Leslie. If I had, I certainly would have predicted that it was a doomed relationship. And I would have right.

One of the things I really love about this show is the way the writers bring the story full circle. The opening segment began with our four favorite nerds talking about the concept of “friends with benefits.” As if they’d know. Right away I wondered where the writers were going this, and never would have predicted the tie-in at the end. Brilliant!

Leonard and Raj, good friends that they are, take down-in-the-dumps Howard to Las Vegas and set up a little…um…benefit…to console him. In case you haven’t seen this episode yet, I won’t spoil it for you.

Sheldon’s plans for a quiet weekend alone run amok when he locks himself out of his apartment and has to turn to the long-suffering Penny for help. He ends up spending the night with her. In her bed, actually. With Penny? Well, you’ll just have to watch, won’t you?

Fast-forward to the next morning and the last scene of the episode. Just as Leonard returns from Vegas, Sheldon emerges from Penny’s apartment announces that he now has a much better appreciation for the concept of “friends with benefits.”

Leonard’s reaction? Best laugh I’ve had in a long time.

Sadly, I think we see the season finale of The Big Bang Theory next week. But if this show hasn’t already been picked up for a third season, I’m confident it will be. And I’m still holding out hope for a little Leonard/Penny action.

I am so looking forward to tonight’s new episode. Michael, Pam and Ryan are back at Dunder Mifflin—Michael once again in charge, with Pam now a member of the sales team. Might Pam’s competitive streak create some conflict between her and easy-going Jim? I think so.

And have you noticed that Sheldon and Michael are the same archetypes? Very different characters, but Chiefs to the core. A couple of self-asserting know-it-alls who always get what they want—and we love them in spite of it. Or maybe because of it.

Reaching for the remote.

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Hey there Lee, I don’t watch the two shows you mentioned, but they sure made me think of Castle.

Have you watched it? Those writers are fantastic!


Anita Mae, I recorded the first four or five episodes of Castle but didn’t get around to watching them. I’ve heard lots of raves and wonderful reviews about it, though, so I’ll either tune in when this first season goes into reruns, or I’ll catch it when it’s out on DVD.

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