. . . and it just keeps getting better!

Fans of Men in Trees were up in arms last spring because the show’s season was cut short by five episodes. For a while we wondered if we’d ever see them, but then came the announcement that the show was being picked up for a second season and the fall run would begin with those five leftover episodes. But as season and series premieres began in September, we learned that the launch of Men in Trees would happen until early October, even though production of season two was well underway.

Be patient, we were telling ourselves. Our day will come.

And it has. I won’t say fans of Men in Trees can now have the last laugh—that would just be mean—but I will say without gloating that we can smile away the winter with nine more new episodes! Don’t you love it when things work out this way?

I adored last night’s episode, “Nice Day for a Dry Wedding,” and all its delightfully funny and poignant over-the-top-ness.

Thank you, Cash, for rescuing our darling Marin from the big, bad wolves.

Goodbye, Jack. Please come home soon.

I didn’t count all the break-ups and make-ups, but there were plenty of them! Starting with Celia and Dick’s slapstick joined-at-the-wrist performance.

Jane and Sam made up, broke up and made up again.

Patrick and Annie . . . making it all the way to the altar and still not quite managing to tie the knot. LOL! Whose fault was that, anyway?

Eric and Sara. Broke up and made up.

Marin and Jack. Made up. Broke up, but in a nice way.

Annie’s parents. Broke up. For good.

Mary Alice and Jerome. Hooked up? I love Annie Potts, so I hope we see lots more of her.

Cash. Still a loner. Why did he come back? And what was he doing at the hospital?

And Jerome. Ah, Jerome. Would it be wrong for me to say that I’m . . . um . . . just the teensiest bit in love with him?


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