The title of this week’s episode is “Surprise, Surprise.” And it was filled with them, although the only real surprise for me is that the show has been cancelled. I love character-driven stories. This one is all about the characters, and every episode has been packed with humor and emotion.

The show’s writers have been blogging about each episode at Blogs in Trees on the ABC website, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about the direction they were taking with the show. There haven’t been any posts since the network announced they were cancelling the show, and I can’t say I blame the writers for not blogging. I’m sure they’ve already moved on to new projects.

But I hope Jenny Bicks, the show’s creator, gives us one last farewell blog after the last episode airs on Wednesday. She’s done a brilliant job with Men in Trees, and she deserves lots of fanfare from the treehuggers who’ve fallen in love with show!

And be sure to watch the last episode on Wednesday, June 11!


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This has nothing to do with Men in Trees (except it’s TV-related) but thought you might like to know, Lee, that Terry Gross (NPR’s Fresh Air) interviewed Jenna Fischer from The Office – it’s on the NPR site or you can access it (as I did) through writer Susan Juby’s blog.



Thanks, Rachel! As everyone knows, I’m a big fan of The Office, and I also happen to adore Jenna Fisher.

And for anyone who’s interested, here’s the link to“ REL=”nofollow”>Susan Juby’s website.

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