Most of my two weeks in Minnesota were spent with family, but I also rented a car and drove from the small town where I was staying to Minneapolis, where I enjoyed two glorious days on my own at a fabulous little bed and breakfast.

The twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are much larger than the city I live in, but I set out, undaunted. I was also mapless, so I relied on Google for driving directions.

Here’s what I learned about driving without a map in Minneapolis.

  • People who know where they’re going drive a lot faster than people who don’t.
  • No one should use a cell phone while driving, whether they know where they’re going or not.
  • Google gives excellent directions.
  • Every freeway in and around the twin cities is under construction.
  • Google’s directions do not take road construction and detours into account.
  • St. Paul is every bit as beautiful as Minneapolis.

In my next post I’ll tell you about where I stayed in Minneapolis…when I finally got there.

Until next time,

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