Today is my blog day with the Harlequin American Romance Authors so I hope you’ll pop over, read my “dog blog,” meet Molly (isn’t she adorable?) and post a comment!

As an added bonus, all commenters on the Harlequin American Romance Authors’ blog are eligible to win stuff at the end of the month!

Happy Saturday.

Back tomorrow,

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I read your doggie blog and commented there. The story was wonderful. Those who rescue dogs are wonderful people and truely blessed.


Thanks for visiting both blogs, Ellen! In my experience people who rescue dogs, and other animals, are caring people in general. Thank goodness the world has so many of them.


Just finished reading WITH THIS RING and really loved the story. I could sympathize with Leslie and her tendency to loose things down the drain (altho nothing as expensive as she did).


Thank you so much, Ellen. You’ve made my day!

LOL on things going down the drain.

My husband once took apart the pipes under our kitchen sink and found a table knife – lost down there by a previous owner. Nothing valuable I’m afraid, but we found out why the the sink wasn’t draining properly 🙂


LOL – how do you lose a table knife down a drain????


Ellen, all I can say is, “Good question!”

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