Don’t you love Google Alerts? I received one yesterday that let me know my latest book, The Wedding Bargain, will be available in Australia and New Zealand next month as a Mills and Boon Sexy Romance.

I don’t…ahem…consider my books to be overly sexy, but Mills & Boon describe the Sexy line this way:

“Set against a backdrop of luxury, wealth and international locations, couples are swept up in intense emotion. Seduction and passion guaranteed!”

Okay, that I can live with!

On the writing front, I’m working on copy edits to The Christmas Secret this week.

On Thursday I’ll be one of a number of authors taking part in Read Dating Vancouver, a multi-genre event for librarians at the Vancouver Public Library. I’ve never done an event like this and I’m really excited about it!

And for the weekend, I’ll be attending the Write On, Vancouver conference. On Friday evening I’ll present a workshop on pitching your work to an editor or agent and for the rest of the weekend I’ll soak up information in Michael Hauge’s workshops ~ Story Mastery and The Anatomy of a Love Story. Michael is an amazing speaker and I’m really looking forward to this!

Have a wonderful week!

Until next time,

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