Last night everyone said goodbye to Penn Jillette and Monica Selles, which means Marlee Matlin is still in! And so she should be, after finishing in fourth place overall.

Don’t you adore Marlee’s sense of humor? I laughed when she described the email she received from a viewer, asking if she was going to be Deaf for the whole show. Oh my. And when she pushed the mic away from host Samantha, explaining that she didn’t need it! For a Deaf person trying to communicate in a hearing world, I’m guessing a sense of humor is a must.

I really laughed when she said second place among the women dancers “wasn’t bad for the old Deaf broad.” They didn’t teach us that sign in ASL class! I’m glad I taped the show so I could have a second look!

And not bad indeed, but let’s be honest here. For a woman in her forties who has had four children, Marlee looks absolutely fantastic! And does an amazing quickstep.

My only criticism about the show so far is directed at the producers. I wish they could figure out a way to have the interpreter on camera when the hosts and judges are speaking to Marlee. I’m sure Deaf viewers would appreciate it, and it’s great practice for people who are learning ASL. Maybe the logistics are too complicated, but I’d like to see them give it a shot.

For now I’m looking forward to seeing the judges’ predictions come true. Marlee is definitely a contender, and she should go a very long way in this competition.


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