The cover for Daddy, Unexpectedly arrived in my inbox today and I absolutely love it!

Here’s what’s on the back cover…

From Friends To Lovers To…Parents?

Claire DeAngelo’s fantasy was the white picket fence and a husband and babies. She thought she’d found it, but now she’s getting a divorce. Her ex’s behavior is bordering on harassment, so it’s lucky Claire runs into her college buddy-now undercover cop-Luke Devlin.

Luke can’t believe his luck. He’s investigating a smuggling ring, and Claire lives in the building he has under surveillance. What better way to keep an eye on the criminals than to move in! When Claire’s ex becomes hostile, Luke’s protective instincts take over and the attraction between old friends heats up.

Back in college, Luke was a carefree playboy. So when Claire discovers she’s pregnant, she knows better than to expect Luke to be family material. She’s finally getting that white picket fence and a baby…even if there’s a piece missing!

This is the third book in my Ready Set Sold series and will be released on May 7, although it’s already available for pre-order on Amazon!

Harlequin’s art department has been very, very good to me, don’t you think?

Until next time,

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