I really, really like this show. I watched the season premiere on Sunday and have been wanting to say something constructively critical but the truth is, I simply like the show. Not so much because of the writing or the acting, but because of its premise, theme or whatever you want to call it. Family.

No matter what choices our parents or siblings or even aunts and uncles make, they’re family. We love them and because of that we’re there at their side, helping them work through whatever decision they made. In Brothers & Sisters, I love that Nora, their mother, is at the core of the family. Whatever happens to one of her children happens to her because she’s right there with them, sharing their joy and disappointments. It doesn’t matter that they’re adults because they’ll always be her children.

I love that Nora assembles her family to celebrate special occasions and family dinners. It reminds of my grandmother. From the tiniest kitchen you can imagine, she could serve up a feast to three generations, and make it look easy. Although she’s no longer with us and everyone has spread themselves across the continent, I still love family dinners. In fact I’m already planning Thanksgiving dinner for this weekend. Yes, Canadians celebrate in the early fall, maybe because harvest has to happen before the snow flies! Although Thanksgiving Day is October 8, we’ll have dinner on Sunday because Monday will be a travel day for some.

Hm. Family dinner on Sunday evening. Must remember to tape the second episode of Brothers & Sisters!

I’ll be back soon!


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