Several years ago when my parents were down-sizing, they gave me a box of old Christmas ornaments. Among them was this gorgeous pink-and-turquoise ornament that has been my favorite since I was a child.

Here it is in this year’s tree, the perfect companion for my daughter’s Marilyn Munroe ornament. Not your typical Christmas colors, but I love it anyway!

Do you have a favorite Christmas ornament?

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I love your pink & tourquoise ornament!

I have some very old ornaments from Poland which survived two world wars & being brought out to Canada. They're not really fancy design wise – just plain colored balls, but they're very heavy glass. I like a lot of the older style european designs, especially the ones with the little hollowing out which is painted silver 🙂

I think my favourites though are ones that are very thin transparent glass & look like soap bubbles.


Hornblower, how wonderful to have that collection of antique glass ornaments. Sounds like a family treasure.

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