My friend Trish Milburn has moved on to the next round in the American Title IV Contest! We’re down to six finalists, and this round of voting is for best story summary. You can read them here.

Trish’s summary for OUT OF SIGHT is stunning, and one of the few that received positive feedback from all three judges. Go, Trish!

Now it’s time to vote again. Simply send a blank email to with OUT OF SIGHT in the subject header. Remember—only one vote person, so please ask all your family and friends to vote, too.

Voting ends December 30th, 2007 and the results will be posted on the Romantic Times website on January 2nd, 2008.

Good luck, Trish!

Back soon,

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Thanks so much for the mention, Lee. BTW, I just finished With This Ring last week and really enjoyed it.


Trish, it’s so great to hear you liked WITH THIS RING!

I can’t wait to read OUT OF SIGHT!

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