With the July release of Firefighter Daddy, the past month has been a whirlwind of book signings and guest blog appearances. Exhausting, but so much fun!

Here’s a photo taken at the multi-author signing I took part in last Saturday.

[l. to r.: Golden Heart winner Jacqui Nelson with a copy of Firefighter Daddy in her hot little hands, Chelsea Bowles, me in my I “heart” SF T-shirt, and fellow author Susan Lyons/Fox]

I love the little gems that pop up on the Internet. Here’s Firefighter Daddy listed in the Firefighter Gifts section of the United Firefighter website!

I’ve had to switch gears this week to work on the page proofs of my January 2011 release, The Wedding Bargain. I really love the characters in this story and I sure hope readers will, too.

Speaking of great stories, today you’ll find four new Harlequin American Romances on bookstore shelves.

Baby Bombshell
by Lisa Ruff

Dusty: Wild Cowboy
by Cathy McDavid
Third in the must-read The Codys: The First Family of Rodeo miniseries!

The Mommy Proposal
by Cathy Gillen Thacker

His Hired Baby
by Jacqueline Diamond

Check out the covers at eHarlequin.com. Happy reading!

Until next time,


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Congratulations on the release and booksigning, Lee :-)! Wish I could have been there.


Thanks, Terry! Wishing the same thing!


I thought that the afternoon was a very enthusiastic turn-out of readers and writers. It was great to see such a hard-working team of authors sharing their work. What a great idea! And hopefully, the signings to follow will be well attended as well.


Hey Lee,

Thanks for the shout out for Dusty: Wild Cowboy!

And congrats on your 2011 release.

Oh, and on my book, Waiting for Baby, I found it listed at all kinds of maternity and baby products sites 🙂

Cathy McDavid


Jodie, I was thrilled to see you there, and you're right. We need to these more often 🙂


Cathy, I'm excited about the Cody series and I'm not even one of the authors! Readers are going to love these books, and I'm thrilled to have a chance to promote them.

And isn't it interesting how and where the themes in our books are picked up? In my book, With This Ring, the hero had an Old English Sheepdog. Believe it or not, that was discussed on an email loop for people who rescue Old English Sheepdogs!

We just never know what will strike a chord.

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