I’m writing like crazy and that means I won’t be posting very often this month. More than once in a blue moon, though.

Speaking of blue moons, how cool was it that we got to wrap up the decade with a blue moon on New Years Eve 2009? I was in San Francisco and snapped this photo on December 30, when an almost blue moon was shining on Macy’s Christmas tree in Union Square. I’m glad I took this picture when I did because the next night – New Years Eve – was overcast. If I had waited, I would have missed my chance.

Today is Harlequin American Romance release day, which means you’ll find four wonderful new reads on the shelves. To find out what you have to look forward to, please click here to visit the eHarlequin website.

Happy reading!

Until next time,

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Hey, Lee, awesome photo!

We'll look forward to hearing more about your adventures in San Francisco. And since you not blogging as much means we get to read more of your books, we'll forgive you. 😉



Aw, thanks Sheryll! Now if I could only faster…


I'm sure that the blue moon on New Year's Eve will lead to a very special New Year!
Happy Writing!



Beautiful picture–love the tree and the moon.

A Cowboy Christmas *Dec 09*


Great photo, Lee! (And a GREAT thought-provoking 'message' for the New Year!)



That picture is amazing! Wishing you the best of luck on your deadline! Happy writing friend.


Micole Black


Thanks, Jodie! There was something special about seeing a blue moon in that setting.


Marin and Joyful, thanks for dropping by!


Micole, I'll take all the luck I can get 🙂


What exactly *is* a blue moon, Lee?

Just asking…


Rachel, I think there are a couple of different definitions.

Most people consider a blue moon to be the 2nd full moon in one calendar month.

Technically, a blue moon is the 13th full moon in one calendar year.

The full moon on New Years Eve was the 13th full moon in 2009 AND the 2nd full moon in December, so both definitions fit.

How often does this happen? Once in a blue moon 😉

Which is my way of saying, not often and I have no idea when there'll be another!


What a fabulous photo. It's a prize winner if there's a contest for blue moon photos.

I'm looking forward to your new release in July. You are such a terrific writer. I do love a good plot and your plots are worth reading.


Anita, my dear friend, thank you so much. I'm blushing! And sending big hugs your way.


Lee I was in San Francisco on New Year's Eve! I can't believe you were there too!! We were at the Radisson (ugh, never stay there!) at Fisherman's Wharf!! How cool is that!
Happy New Year, Love Bev xo


Happy New Year, Bev! When we go to San Franciso, we always stay downtown at the Hotel Union Square, a charming little boutique hotel that's a block from Union Square and right on the cable car line. Fisherman's Wharf is fun, though!

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