Things I’m doing this week:

  • revising Firefighter Daddy
  • working on the next book
  • clearing out my office

The progress on my office was slow this week, but I freed up more space on one bookshelf, gave a bag of writing books to a friend and a bundle of file folders and a stack of magazine files to another friend.

The Christmas season is fast approaching and I found some great things at a craft fair on the weekend:

  • homemade antipasto
  • pickled beets
  • red pepper jelly
  • two catnip cat toys
  • an adorable candle lamp made from a wine glass, a tealight and a paper lampshade

If you missed my Sunday Fun post about the shirtless firefighters and my December contest, please scroll down and check it out!

Until next time,

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You've been very productive–good for you!

I'm mostly writing–and cleaning for next week. Can't believe it's Thanksgiving already!


Gillian, the only thing I love more than Thanksgiving is Christmas 😉

In a couple of weeks I'll start decorating for the holidays, and will be posting some new craft ideas and more holiday recipes in December.


Next week I'm taking part in American Thanksgiving (which will be wonderful I am sure.)

I can't wait to see the finished photos of your office re-do.


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