This will be another great week, the second in Writers’ Health month over at the Wet Noodle Posse.

Monday, September 8th
Esri Rose—Desk

Tuesday, September 9th
Trish Milburn—Get Up from Your Desk

Wednesday, September 10th
Delle Jacobs—Cruising and Other Relaxing

Thursday, September 11th
Colleen Gleason—Eating Right (Brain

Friday, Septermber 12th
Q&A—Readers ask questions, Noodlers

Remember that for this month’s raffle prize, the Noodlers are offering Reader’s Choice—either a first chapter critique (25 pages, 25 lines per page) OR a $20 gift certificate to the online bookstore of the reader’s choosing. Each response to a blog post increases your chance of winning.

Until next time,

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