Thirty years ago my grandmother gave me a pink depression glass sugar bowl. It may or may not have had a lid, and I assume the creamer (if she even had one) had been broken years earlier.

I love the look of old depression glass and it goes nicely with my old-fashioned “Blossom Time” china. The pattern of this depression glass is sometimes called “Sharon,” but it’s also known as “Cabbage Rose.” I like the latter name best.

I don’t remember my grandmother ever using the sugar bowl as a sugar bowl, probably because there was no creamer to go with it, but I remember her using it to serve the cranberry sauce at turkey dinners. After she gave it to me, the cranberry tradition has lived on.

Although it does a splendid job of serving up cranberry sauce, I’ve always kept an eye out for a creamer to match. This week I found one!

My grandmother’s sugar-bowl-slash-cranberry-server now has a companion, and I’m thinking a tea party would be a great way to celebrate. Anyone for a cuppa?

Until next time,

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