We all read for pleasure, but this year the 100,000 Book Challenge sponsored by Harlequin Enterprises gives us the opportunity to share our love of reading with others.

You can find all the details at eHarlequin.com, but basically the company is “challenging its community members to read an astounding 100,000 books in one year in the 2008 eHarlequin.com 100,000 Book Challenge. When the reading challenge ends on December 31, 2008, Harlequin will make an unprecedented donation of an equivalent number of books to the National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL). The estimated retail value of a 100,000 book donation to the NCFL by Harlequin Enterprises Ltd. is $700,000 U.S.”

The NCFL is a “leading resource in family learning and literacy.” You can visit the NCFL’s website to learn more about what they do.

To participate in the book challenge, simply sign up with the eHarlequin community and post a brief review or summary of each book you read. At least 50% of the books on the list must be published by Harlequin. The other 50% can be by any other publisher, in any genre and any format, including eBooks and audiobooks.

Happy reading!


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