No Sara/Eric action tonight. We did see a glimpse of Plow Guy, though, which suggests that Jane will be back this season!

Psyched to see the new developments in Jack and Marin’s relationship.

Loved the new Jerome, out and about and totally hitting on the new skater girl in town.

Devastated for Cash. Poor, shirtless, sigh-worthy Cash. But the show’s creator Jenny Bicks has promised we’ll find out what was written on the rock Cash threw off the mountain, and I’m dying to find out what that was.

Any Janet Evanovich (Morelli/Stephanie/Ranger) fans here? Does the Jack-Marin-Cash triangle make you feel as though there’s no way Marin can lose?

Hey. Just asking. 😉

Catch you tomorrow.

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I was so caught up in all the action that I didn’t even miss Sara/Eric.
Loved the new face of Jerome – this is the first time I realized he had a job, let alone a personal life outside that bar stool!
I was also intrigued by the conversations between Cash and Jack – two uber males actually exchanging words and thoughts and emotions? Brought them into a new focus for me.

I’m not worried about Cash – no writer in her right mind would toss away that six-pack without a very good reason. He’ll be back.


I loved the exchange between Jack and Cash. And Cash’s version, as told to Marin.

Jack: (to Cash, about Marin) She’s like the sun. After a long winter she’s like this force that just wakes you up.

Cash: (to Marin, about what Jack said) Jack’s right. He said you’re all bright ‘n’ shiny ‘n’ crap, like the sun.

LOL! I know everyone has figured out Cash’s archetype, because on some level it seems every woman loves a bad boy.

He’s charming, but in an annoyingly off-the-cuff kind of way. Street smart, or in Cash’s case, wilderness smart. Distrustful and defensive, and the anger simmering beneath the surface could boil over at any moment.

In those two lines of dialogue I just quoted, the Men in Trees writers have brilliantly underscored the difference between the professor and the bad boy, and why, in my opinion, writing to archetype is so important.

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