A million thanks to everyone who left comments and shared their wisdom via private email. Some of that advice is so good, I just had to share.

“I don’t think you need a professional organizer–you need to bribe one or more of your friends to come over for a day and help you. You can set up zones and do a few in the morning, break for a luxurious lunch someplace you both love (at your expense) and then spend the afternoon tackling the rest. And you can have keep, toss, and donate baskets set up so that you can make a decision and go on to the next thing. The one thing that is an absolute must is that you remove ALL of the recyclables, trash and items to be donated that day! Otherwise those things have a tendency to either migrate back to your shelves or sit there for months.”


“After seeing these ‘pros’ on TV, I have a hard time seeing how they’re worth the money. Promise yourself a gift to yourself with those hundreds of dollars IF you just do it yourself! Get organizing tips off the web and buckle down and organize on your own. I just think you need motivation.”

You are all brilliant!

I love the idea of the buddy system, especially since it involves lunch, and I also love the idea of rewarding myself with the money I save by doing this on my own! Stay tuned!

Until next time,

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