That’s the title of a panel discussion I took part in on February 11, sponsored by the Greater Vancouver Chapter of RWA and the Vancouver Public Library. In honor of Valentine’s Day, of course.

Sitting on the panel were Kate Austin, me, and Kaylea Cross

…and our moderator was Susan Lyons.

We had a great turnout and the audience had lots of questions for us. Much of the discussion centered on the writing process, which, it turns out, is very different for me, Kate and Kaylea. The underlying message, especially for new writers, is to be patient and develop your own process rather than try to emulate someone else’s.

Leanne Karella and Kay Gregory greeted guests at the information/book sale table.

Congratulations to Lisa, winner of my “Afternoon Tea with Lee” gift bag. Lisa received an autographed copy of The Man for Maggie, a mug, a package of my favorite tea, some shortbread cookies, and lots of chocolate!

Thanks to everyone who joined us, and special thanks to the staff at the Vancouver Public Library for hosting us and making everyone feel so welcome.

Until next time,

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Thanks for the post, Lee. You all had a good time and had a great audience who asked questions. Sue, you and the others must have energized the audience to rouse them into asking questions. Good on you, as they say in Oz


You are too right, Anita! It was a great evening, and very well organized by members of the Greater Vancouver Chapter of Romance Writers of America and the Vancouver Public Library.

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