However you spend this holiday, I hope it’s a wonderful one.

My family is gathering for brunch today, and the French toast is ready and waiting to go in the oven.

My kids are now adults so there won’t be an Easter egg hunt, but the Easter bunny seems to have put in an appearance anyway. You’re never too old for chocolate, right?

Until next time,

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Lee, I tried the French Toast and it was scrumptious! I paired mine with bacon instead of sausage, but I’m sure the sausage would have been a great accompaniment also. I love that syrup/pork mix.

Thanks for sharing the recipe. It made Easter morning a breeze. I set it up last night and just popped it in the oven after church.

Happy Easter to you and your family!


What’s that noise?
Oh, it’s dark chocolate-covered almonds calling my name.

Happy Easter,



Happy Easter, Mary. Thanks for letting me know the French toast was hit! I made a double recipe and my family polished off two panfuls at our brunch today.


Hm. Sounds as though Rachel’s Easter Bunny has excellent taste in Easter treats. Hope you’re enjoying them.

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